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Atlantic Currents 2016: An Annual Report on Wider Atlantic Perspectives and Patterns

December 13, 2016/El Mostafa Rezrazi, Rosa Balfour, Madeleine Goerg, Vera Songwe, Mustapha Mouzouni, Bouchra Rahmouni Benhida, Jack Miles, Ian Cochran, Mariana Deheza, Benoit Leguet, Tayeb Ghazi

We are delighted to present this third edition of Atlantic Currents, an annual report charting wider Atlantic patterns and perspectives. The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) and the OCP Policy Center are proud of the role we have played in extending the transatlantic debate to embrace the Atlantic Basin, north and south, and in stimulating new thinking about “Atlanticism” for the 21st century — breaking down the often self-imposed barriers to robust dialogue among societies with a deep shared history, and a shared stake in cooperation. The rapid changes on all sides of the Atlantic over the past year only underscore the importance of this Atlantic conversation on issues and ideas. This year, we have devoted special attention to strategic, forward-looking analyses that seek to encourage creative thinking about where we may be headed and how we might get there.

Featured Publications:

Policy Brief Enhancing a Continental Policy on Energy Access in Africa
October 20, 2016/ Priscilla Andrieu

Policy Brief: Toward People-Centered Security Sectors In Africa: A Tale Of Missed Opportunities?
September 23, 2016 / Marta Martinelli

Atlantic Currents 2015: An Annual Report on Wider Atlantic Perspectives and Patterns
October 28, 2015 /
Tim RidoutWilliam McIlhennyMohamed El HarrakDavid RiceTuesday ReitanoMark ShawNizar MessariZineb BenallaMoubarack LoMichel PetitNdidi NwuneliKarim El MokriTayeb Ghazi

Atlantic Currents: An Annual Report on Wider Atlantic Perspectives and Patterns
October 17, 2014 / Ian Lesser, Karim El Aynaoui, Memory Dube, Peter Draper, Eckart Woertz, Kristine Berzina, Andrés Serbín, Amadou Sy, Adriana Erthal Abdenur, Esther Brimmer, Karim El Mokri

Mexico’s Strategic Comparative Advantage in International Trade: At the Crossroads of NAFTA, the Pacific Alliance, TPP, and TTIP
Aug 1, 2016 /
Luis de la Calle

Atlantic Future. Shaping a New Hemisphere for the 21st century: Africa, Europe and the Americas
Apr 1, 2016 /
Tim Ridout, Madeleine Goerg

Brazil and Africa: Historic Relations and Future Opportunities
Feb 8, 2016 /
Marcus Vinícius de Freitas

Rethinking Development Finance: Towards a New “Possible Trinity” for Growth?
Dec 15, 2016 / Luiz Pereira da Silva

Complimentary information to Luiz Pereira da Silva’s remarks during the Rethinking Development Finance plenary session on the 2016 Atlantic Dialogues, on December 15, 2016